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Website Traffic and Growth Hacks


Website traffic is the rocket fuel that takes any business to new heights. You can only improve brand awareness, drive more sales, and eventually achieve exponential growth if you generate a big amount of highly relevant website traffic.

What is the issue? 

Many of us have no notion how to grow website traffic successfully. There are a lot of businesses out there that invest a lot of time and money to try to develop their audience, but they don’t see any results. It could take months, if not years, to see a significant return on your investment. 

And time is something that many firms just do not have.

So, how can you grow website traffic when you need to see results right away? The good news is that there are a variety of tactics that are really effective. These are known as “Growth Hacks,” because they allow a site owner or business to “leapfrog” the typical sluggish evolution and get straight to the top. 

Top 5 Website Traffic Growth Hacks 

Write a Guest Post

Guest posts aren’t new, but there are different types of guest posts. Have a guest post on one of the most popular sites in your niche, and you’ll get a huge boost in “link juice” that might push your site to the top of Google. Not only that, but it might be able to assist you acquire a lot of direct traffic from the blog’s fans! 

Obtain media attention 

If you can get a story about you published in the paper, a major magazine, or even a major website, you will gain a lot of exposure. The trick is to do something intriguing enough to generate a story – something that readers of a certain newspaper would be interested in reading.

Have a Hit That Goes Viral 

Videos aren’t the only thing that goes viral! If an article is truly worth spreading, it can also become viral. 

Write a Book 

Writing a book is a much less-discussed approach for boosting your exposure, status, and authority. This can result in massive quantities of traffic going straight to your site, as it did for Tim Ferriss.

Advertising Campaign

Advertising campaigns are one of the methods of growth hack to increase website traffic. Look no further than Tai Lopez for an example of a well-executed advertising campaign. He may not be well-known, but he went from being a nobody to one of the most well-known figures on the internet in a matter of hours.

These 5 growth hacks will help you to increase your website traffic, if you implement them correctly. 

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