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Welcome to The Marketing Club Podcast

Your Hub for Expert Insights & Growth Strategies

The Marketing Club is a podcast for dynamic, bright, ambitious entrepreneurs like you. As a COACH, SOLOPRENEUR, SERVICE PROVIDER, you’ve already immersed yourself in the business world and you’re seeking actionable tips and wisdom to take your business to the next level.

My podcast is your companion on this journey, offering practical advice and actionable tips you can implement in your business right away.

I’m here to guide you through the challenges you face and provide practical solutions and wisdom gained from real-world experience. I aim to save you time and money while helping you navigate the complex landscape of business.

Meet Your Perfect Listener

An Ambitious Entrepreneur

Titles: Coach, CEO, Founder, Entrepreneur, Marketing Manager, Service Provider.

Business Size: Micro-enterprises (1-10 employees), Small businesses (11-50 employees), Medium-sized enterprises (51-250 employees), Large corporations (250+ employees).

Characteristics: Innovative, Creative, Results-Driven, and Visionary. I value people who uplift and inspire, shaping the future with bold initiatives. My community is committed to transforming their clients’ lives.

Current Business Stage: They’re seeing growth in their business and are eager to move beyond the 1:1 model. They’re keen to scale up but need guidance on how to do it efficiently.

Mindset: Forward-thinking and growth-oriented. They’re open to new ideas and strategies to improve their business.

Challenges: They recognize the potential for a better business plan but feel stuck in their current cycle, unsure how to break free due to time constraints and lack of clarity on the way forward.

Achievements: They have already received awards, and recognition, or achieved significant milestones in their business journey, such as successful marketing campaigns or notable business growth.

They’re not just satisfied with their past accomplishments; they’re hungry for more success.

What They Seek



Actionable strategies to navigate complex business decisions and overcome obstacles on their path to success.


Supportive Community

A group of entrepreneurs who share a common goal of helping their clients and supporting each other in their business journeys.


Inspiration and Wisdom

Motivating stories, practical advice, and actionable insights to fuel their business growth and personal development from those who have successfully navigated similar challenges. 

Why 'The Marketing Club' Tops Your Podcast List

My podcast offers valuable insights and strategies tailored to established entrepreneurs in the business world. Each episode is dedicated to delivering actionable insights that cut through the noise, providing advice you can apply immediately to your business.

My focus is exclusively on delving deep into and discussing the current challenges faced by my guest “expert coaches.” Our goal is for our clients to relate and say, “I wish I had known this earlier; I would have made different decisions.”

Apply Now to Be a Guest!

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If your application is accepted

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➡ ️ Enjoy the scheduled Zoom video interview. 

Final Tech Touches…


We’ll be using Zoom VIDEO for our interviews. We might snap a couple of short video clips during our chat to feature you on our platform. Feel free to show off your big smile!


Make sure you’re equipped with a good microphone. It’s essential for clear sound and a great conversation!

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