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Scale over $10K/month
built in ONE DAY

We can help you KICKSTART building your PERFECT offer.


Not Knowing Your Revenue Is Scary...

Without a proven, automated offer, that is exactly what will happen month after month.

You will always worry about your cash flow.

Your relationships will suffer.(Including the one with yourself)

It will feel like you are stuck in the unpredictable start-up phase.

Another year will pass, worrying about the same issues, daydreaming about your goals and not feeling confident about your future.

If you don't want that to happen to you, you need an offer that you want to shout from the rooftops.

You need help DIYing an offer page that...

You could proudly make public, because it truly represents you.

Speaks directly to your audience, not anyone else.

Explains your offer clearly and precisely.

Has a pricing structure that you feel 100% confident with.

Converts and get you paid…

'Cuz you've got subscriptions, mortgage, rent, and bills on autopay...

And you certainly don’t need yet another DIY course that became your next shiny object with nothing to show for it. (No shame, we’ve all been there…)

Instead, you need something like this ➡️


The truth is, it's not easy to put together a group offer that works, but it is possible with the right guidance & tools.

There is a simple & proven plan to get your offer done perfectly and launch it with confidence. Better yet, when you put the power of focus and commitment to get it done in a day, it works like magic.  

We created a lot of group offers and ready to share our proven framework with you.

Fortunately, there is a place in our little online town…

From Working Hard to Working Smart.

You’re good at what you do, but your days are a blur of work. You’re making money, but you’re also stuck doing everything yourself, and it’s wearing you down.

Our “PERFECT OFFER ONE-DAY INTENSIVE” is about finding your breakthrough.

We’ll work together to create an offer that changes the game for you — less grind, and more growth.

Become the owner of a business that grows because of smart strategies, not just more hours. Enjoy the freedom and satisfaction of seeing your hard work really pay off, finally.



You + Me + My Secret Recipe & Tools = Your Perfect B&B Offer

For Service Based Businesses

A transformative all-day live coaching session
designed to create and refine a high-converting group offer
that will automate and scale your business.

It’s Time to Break Free…



Stop spinning your wheels with one-on-one sessions that cap your potential. Our ‘PERFECT OFFER ONE-DAY INTENSIVE’ is designed specifically for overworked coaches and service providers who want to break free from the time-for-money trap.


Mockup Templates (1)

Escape the daily grind with an offer that sells itself — wake up to sales and more time for your magic.(..Let out that “Aahhhh” 😌 as you scratch this off from your mile-long to-do list)


Website Graphics-Arrow Sign (3000 x 3000 px)

(yes, service businesses can have that too…)



Find Clarity and Focus: In just one day, we’ll work together to craft your perfect, automated offer that not only elevates your income but also frees your time.

Unlock True Business Freedom: Gain back your time and flexibility by automating your operations, allowing you to focus on growth, creativity, or even leisure.



Step into Success: Elevate from a busy service provider to a thriving business owner with a strategy that increases your income and impacts without adding to your workload.

Fast-track Your Business Growth:  Imagine waking up to an influx of clients and cash, all from an offer that sells itself day after day. 



Even with A Whole Marketing Team Behind Me, It Was Not Easy...

I found myself buried under endless training sessions, courses to go through and books and resources piled up, while working hard to create results for my current clients but not having enough time for implementing.

In my 20-year experience building businesses, I knew I had to start from optimizing my current offers. You have no idea how much cash is piled up in your existing offers, you just have to package them right and relay your clients how valuable your services are.

That’s why I decided to dedicate VIP Intensive days to help other businesses turn their “OFFER” problem into their “money making” solution.

Most importantly, to help you change more lives than you ever imagined to…

Here is the plan


Secure Your Spot for Transformation

Secure your spot by clicking the button below, because this is only done 10 times a year. The seats are limited so I can make sure everyone is attended.


Craft Your Recipe
for Offer Success

You will receive a Google doc with instructions along with a link to your very own private google drive folder. (Think of it as getting the ingredients out of the fridge, so we can cook)


A Day of Intensive Action & A Complete Offer

On the day of the intensive, we will meet in Zoom at 8am sharp, and get all the prep work done before lunch. After a short lunch break, we will implement the framework and get your offer done. 


You + Me + My Secret Recipe & Tools = Your Perfect Bread & Butter Offer

You want to have something you never had?

You have to do something you've
never done...


It's not just about more money;
it's about more life.

Joining the “Perfect Offer One-Day Intensive” means you're ready to take a serious look at how your business can work better for you.

Get Your Offer Done Right

To Move Your Business Forward


here is how...

Power Of Focus

It’s about spending one focused day to create something that will keep working even when you’re not.

ONE Day or Months?

I know it’s a big step, especially when you’ve got so much on your plate already. But I designed this to help you get more done in one day than you would in months. 

Confidence & Clarity

You’ll leave with a clear, actionable plan, and we’re here to support you long after the day is done.

It’s like having a business coach, tech guru, and a support team all rolled into one, ready to help you make your business as successful and enjoyable as you’ve always hoped it would be.

You Give Me One Day,
I Am Gonna Give You The Key
To Turn Your Business
Into Anything You Want.

Tuba Sapanli

Here Is The Schedule For The Day (in PST)

8:00 am – 10:00 AM


We meet on Zoom and kickstart the day with building your offer foundation. You will have received a package in your email prior to the event that will help you gather what you already have so we can easily build a solid base.

10:00 Am – 12:00 PM


With the tools I provide, you will be able to create each section of your group offer with ease and this time you won’t have to second guess what to include or not, what is too much, what is a must, etc.

12:30 pm- 2:30 pm

(with the secret sauce)

If you ever went to an open house that is all staged up, vs an empty construction site, you will know the difference. With storytelling, you build a story inside of your offer helping your future clients picture themselves after they get your product. Without this part, no matter how good your offer is, it doesn’t convert. 

2:30 pm -3:00 pm


I will show you how to audit your offer with a simple tool to make sure it has everything it needs. You will be armed with so many tools that will simplify the process for you. (Tools that you can use for all your future offers).

3:00 pm – 3:30 pm


Grab your favorite drink and let’s celebrate! Your shoulders will feel light as a feather, you will have that satisfying feeling when you get something done that you’ve been dreading for a long time. This milestone my friend, will change the way you do your business. 

That, I promise…

Hey There!

I'm Tuba, your new business BFF:)

Consider me as your secret weapon for growing your small but soon-to-be thriving business. I will be there every step of the way, supporting you and providing solid advice with direction.

This Program Transformed
My Business & My Life!

“I have a marketing background so I thought I can do everything on my own; which made me lose years hopping between platforms trying to learn a skill that has nothing to do with my business. Working with Tuba was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I can finally focus on serving my clients better and growing my audience; which ultimately helped me grow my business.” 

D. Ausbrook 

100% Guarantee
Your Perfect Offer in One Day or Your Money Back!

I get it. Committing to transforming your offer in just one day might sound ambitious, but I’m so confident in the power of my tools and framework that I’m putting my money where my mouth is.


I am offering you not just one
but TWO guarantees:

  1. Completion Guarantee: If, for any reason, you don’t complete your perfect offer during the intensive, I guarantee that I will work with you at no charge until it’s complete. 
  2. Satisfaction Guarantee: If for any reason, you think you didn’t get enough value by the end of the One-Day Intensive, I’ll refund your investment. No questions asked.

Here is the catch

You have to show up. I’m committed to your success, and I’m asking for your commitment too. Show up, give it your all, and if somehow your offer isn’t where it needs to be by the end of the day, I’ll refund your investment.

Why am I making this bold guarantee? Because I believe in the power of my process. I’ve seen it work wonders for others, and I’m CONFIDENT it will for you too.

If you are ready, let’s make it happen.


A Year From Now You Will Have Wished You Started Today...

Are You Ready To Take The Leap?


because You are going to love
the feeling of having such a good offer in your hand,
you are gonna want to do it for all your offers...


Here are the Tools To Help You Create As Many Offers As You Want On Your Own


OFFER BUILDER BLUEPRINT- Crafting Your Offer With Confidence

When I dig deeper into any cashflow problem in a business, it all boils down to not having an offer that you are completely confident with. When you trust your offer and able to clearly explain what it is, it is a game changer. After working with hundreds of clients, this is our signature step by step framework with prompts that will help you transform any offer to a solution that will resonate with your dream customers and naturally convert. 


30 Irresistible Lead Magnet Ideas & 10 Key Criteria Cheat Sheets

You didn’t think I’d just leave you behind after creating such a great offer, did you?

I’ve included these 30 Irresistible Lead Magnet Ideas and 10 Key Criteria to kick-start your journey with strategic and focused actions. This alone is key for anyone who wants to grow their email list full of buyers.


Create Your Irresistible Offer
With the Power of Storytelling

This bonus empowers you to seamlessly weave compelling stories into your offer, transforming it into an engaging narrative that resonates with your ideal customers and effortlessly converts. Let’s collaboratively craft an irresistible offer with the impactful essence of storytelling.


AI-Driven Offer Accelarator

Ever feel stuck when trying to shape your offer? We all get writer’s block because we are too close to see anything clear by the time we get to this point. 

That’s why we’ve crafted the AI Kickstart Prompt Power bonus – your secret weapon for accelerating your offer creation. Our user-friendly AI prompts are designed to effortlessly guide you in refining your offer. No more struggles, just a smooth and efficient process to ensure your offer resonates with your audience and naturally converts. Get ready to kickstart your offer with confidence!”


Professionalize Your Offer
with Elegant Design

Boost your offer’s appeal instantly with our Canva Course Mockup Templates. Picture this: sleek, professional mockups of your course right on your sales page, making everything you offer jump off the screen. We’ve got 15 ready-to-go layouts you can quickly edit and personalize in Canva. Just pop in your screenshots, download, and they’re set to shine on your page.

All included in…


You + Me + My Secret Recipe & Tools = Your Perfect Bread & Butter Offer

Frequently Asked Questions

The Perfect Offer One-Day Intensive is a transformative all-day live coaching session designed to help you create and refine a high-converting group offer that automates and scales your business. It’s a hands-on workshop where we work together to craft your perfect offer that will help you transform your expertise to a scalable product. You don’t have to cap your business with your one-on-one service, this is your opportunity to reach more people who need your superpower. (See the schedule on the page)

You are not here to sit and learn, you are going to put your sleeves up and implement. This is not a webinar, a coaching session or an online course, that might stretch over weeks or months by the time you get to sit down and implement it. All the while losing your momentum, leaving money on the table and getting discouraged. This intensive is designed for those who want results fast. I condense the process into one day, focusing on efficiency and immediate implementation, so you can see tangible results quickly.

This is specifically designed for service providers who have or want to have a digital offer. However, as a certified small business coach, I apply the same principles I cover in this intensive for my clients who have physical products because they are universally applicable. 

If you need a tailored strategy to fit your unique business needs, feel free to email me at [email protected], I would be happy to find out more about your business.

By the end of the day, you can expect to have a well-crafted, high-converting offer ready to roll. I’ll guide you through the process of creating an offer that not only elevates your income but also gives you more time and flexibility.

It’s simple. If, for any reason, your offer isn’t 100% complete by the end of the Perfect Offer One-Day Intensive, I’ll complete it for you. And if not complete, I’ll refund your investment. The only condition is that you show up and give it your best shot. I’m committed to your success, and this guarantee is my way of ensuring you have nothing to lose.

I understand scheduling conflicts and life happens. If you can’t make it to the live session, reach out to us directly at [email protected] and we will get you in the next one when it opens. I will also provide access to the recording of this session. But don’t forget, the magic happens inside those dedicated live, supported 6 hours:)

To secure your spot at the special community rate, (currently the community discount will save you $700 ), you have to be a member of our free private group where I provide free resources to scale your business. This is one of the perks of being a member in our community, you get deep discounts inside. You just have to join the community and we will provide the discount code for you. Click here to join the group, and come back to this page to sign up with the discount.



Let’s transform your business and reclaim your freedom, 

one powerful offer at a time.



Still on
the fence?

I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one!

Ask away your concern, I am here to support you and your business in any way I can.

6 Hours. 1 Day. Your Bread & Butter Offer. DONE.

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