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Overcoming Fear Of Automation – 3 Step Process

Curious how automation can transform your business? In this blog, you’ll see how automation opens up a world of possibilities for your business.


  1. Letting Go of Power
  2. Not Being Tech-Savvy Enough
  3. Not Having Systems in Place

Utilizing automation and related tools has been one of the most asked questions in many of the other communities with Solopreneurs.

This week’s livestream, I talked about 3 setbacks that prevent you from using the power of automation and provided actionable steps you can take today. (So you can use these incredible tools that will save you so much time and sanity in your business)

1. Letting Go of Power

First up, letting go of power. It sounds daunting, right?

The truth is, delegation and automation don’t strip you of control; they amplify your impact.

Actionable Step: I want you to grab a pen and paper right after watching this stream.

Draw two columns: ‘Only I Can Do’ and ‘Can Be Automated or Delegated.’ 

Start small—consider automating your social media posting or delegating your inbox management.

It’s the first step towards freeing your time and scaling your reach.

2. Not Being Tech-Savvy Enough

Feeling like you’re not tech-savvy enough? You’re not alone. In fact, most people are.

For DIYers out there, two tools we cannot live without are Canva & an Email Service Provider, whether that be ConvertKit, Aweber, or Flodesk.

Explore other tools that you may find useful.

Actionable Step: If you are not ready to hire a professional, dedicate 30-60 minutes each week to explore one automation tool. Start with the ones you’re already using to form a habit.

For example, many of you use Canva, but have you explored the ‘Magic Studio’ inside Canva?

By utilizing this single tool, your marketing creatives can be done in minutes. Dedicate at least 30 minutes each week to explore one automation tool. The knowledge you gain will help you gain confidence, and nothing beats the feeling of scheduling a sequence of emails, knowing they’ll be sent while you’re enjoying your personal time.

3. Not Having Systems in Place

The idea of setting up systems can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re used to winging it. But systems are your best friend for scaling.

Actionable Step: Create a simple system this week. It could be a content calendar for your marketing or a schedule for your email blasts.

If you’re not using a tool like Trello or Asana, try Google Workspace.

(To get the Google Workspace coupon code, you can click here.)

Just organizing your folders, and having a separate folder for your social media content versus emails, can be a game changer.

My secret, borrowed from Stephen Covey, is ‘Always start with the end in mind.’

What will you do with the time you gain by having systems in place?

Spending a little extra time to get organized now will pay off immensely.

Start simple, and you’ll soon discover the power of a system.

Watch the live stream again!

Takeaway Tidbit: Take action today, and watch your business thrive with newfound efficiency and organization!

Tuba Sapanli

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