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One Secret Method for Increasing Website Traffic 


Want to increase website traffic immediately? 

Do you want to attract visitors who will stick around after they leave? That will become devoted consumers and fans as you grow? 

Yes, we believe so. 

There are a variety of marketing tactics you may employ to increase website traffic, but not all of them are created equal. Here’s one that has a significant influence but is currently underutilized by the great majority of creators.

Video Ads

You’re going to use video advertisements, which is a basic trick. You can do it in one of two places: 

·      YouTube 

·      Instagram 

Before you employ this method, We strongly suggest that your site is already monetized. You must accept the fact that this will cost you money. This can be a very profitable endeavor if you have a high conversion rate. 

However, making quick money isn’t the main goal (though it’s a good bonus!). 

Instead, the main goal is to increase website traffic as well as to raise the brand’s visibility and awareness.

Take a look at a creator like Tai Lopez for the best example of how this can work. Tai spent a lot of money to get his videos in front of a lot of other YouTube videos. The video was a little ridiculous — the sentence “here in my garage” has been memed a million times – but the purpose was that it got people talking. Tai Lopez was well-known. 

For better or worse, he is now regarded as one of the most influential “marketing gurus”! 

You can accomplish the same thing. All you need is your own video campaign to accomplish this. The main distinction is that you’ll concentrate on the “value proposition” as well as high-quality video editing.

Watch Tim Ferriss’ trailer for his book “The Four Hour Chef” for an example. This trailer is styled after a movie trailer and features footage of individuals performing remarkable things (despite the name, the book is about learning any skill quickly). 

The video is incredibly encouraging, inspiring, and eye-catching. 

Consider what would happen if you had a film like that and advertised it in the same way that Tai Lopez did. For a small investment, you may instantly increase your visibility and increase website traffic.

Tuba Sapanli

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