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Tuba Sapanli

Hi, I'm Tuba Sapanli.

You are here because you are determined to succeed; so who I am is not that important...But you should know "why" I do what I do so you can decide if I am the right person to help you.

I explained my "why" during the interview with CanvasRebel in San Diego

Tuba, appreciate you joining us today. How did you come up with the idea for your business?

My entire career was around building relationships with clients, my titles would change from Executive Sales Manager to Business Development Manager, Sales Manager, etc. But in all those years, all I did was to build a convenient bridge between people who needed each other for different reasons.

I just loved seeing people’s faces when they finally get what they want. Creating a win-win deal for each party was my specialty and I didn’t know until recently that this was what I meant to do for the rest of my life.

As a multiple business owner and brand creator, I wanted to share my experience with others in a meaningful way. Whenever I face a challenge in business, (which happens a lot if you are a business owner) I would write it down. Once that problem was solved, I would document the solution as well. Soon enough I had so many problems with so many solutions that I created even when I didn’t have enough resources and money to do so.

So I decided to put my marketing degree and all that experience to good use and dedicated my company to helping other entrepreneurs solve their daily problems with my tried and true frameworks that will help them focus on their business while growing revenue; without getting lost in the ever-growing marketing information online.

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Tuba, before we move on to more of these sorts of questions, can you take some time to bring our readers up to speed on you and what you do?

In late 2019, just 2 months before Covid hit the world, my husband and I sold the restaurant business that we built over 7 years. Pandemic gave us the opportunity to take a break and think about what we really wanted to do and find out what we were really passionate about.

That is when I realized even in the most basic conversations I was trying to help people get what they wanted with their business. Every coffee chat would turn into a full-on one-on-one coaching session that I would do unwittingly.
Having worked at a corporate job, owning multiple businesses from brick and mortar to e-commerce, I learned a thing or two about what people really need whether they are the customers or the business owner.

However, by 2019, my education background of Social Psychology + Business double degree plus MBA in Marketing was already outdated. So my eternal student soul decided to continue to take classes and courses for Marketing’s new era. I decided to improve myself first and invested in a lot of courses and mentorship to learn everything correctly and properly.

And I became a relentless digital marketing expert with a lot of fire to spread.

But then I realized if I really want to help others, formal education is not enough.

I needed to also wear their shoes.

in 2020, I created a brand as a project, tried all the marketplaces, opened up an e-commerce shop, and literally went through every single pain that the entrepreneurs of our time go through every day.

So all that advice I was giving to my friends and family had a solid foundation based on real experience.

Both the problem and the solution lies in everyone having access to everything online.

Sifting through the garbage and not getting lost with the shiny object syndrome is the key to success. And most business owners, especially at the beginning, want to solve problems on their own and save money. Which leads to a lot of trial and error and confusion in the end. Most give up and go back to their safety nets, some do succeed but leave a lot on the table without ever really growing as much as they are supposed to.

This is where I help now. I help each business get clarity on their goals, focus on what brings revenue the most, and give them a clear map of what to do each day to reach their full potential.

I think this is crucial because we all are super busy with things that don’t matter as much or don’t serve our ultimate goal in life. Focusing on what matters most and getting rid of what doesn’t clears out a lot of space in our lives that could be used for more meaningful purposes. Like spending more time with our families, kids, or even with ourselves.

As a mom of two and a wife, I am proud to be able to serve people like me. Sooner or later, we all will come to a point in life where we have to decide how we will use our limited and precious time on this earth. Once we realize our true purpose, when we zoom out on the bigger picture rather than focusing on just ourselves, life changes forever. Call me naive, but I believe the world will be saved by Entrepreneurs like us. and that we are all connected and intertwined. Our name StrinX comes from strings that connect everyone in the world. The inventions, the solutions, and the products that constantly make our lives easier, better, and happier; will be our legacy for the next generations. Every single effort to sell and get our products to those who need is an effort to make the world a better place. And I want to share our know-how of growing a business with everyone who needs and wants it.

If you have multiple revenue streams in your business, would you mind opening up about what those streams are and how they fit together?

I am a big believer in not putting all your eggs in one basket. The key is not to stretch too thin while trying to create different revenue streams. In my agency, we created a system so business owners at different levels can benefit from our knowledge based on where they are in their business. This created multiple revenue streams for us as well.

The first one is the DIY solution packs that include ebooks, online courses, and resources that would help them grow and reach the next level. They can buy these online and learn in their own time. This is something they can pay once and have everything in their hand.

The second one is a DWY (Done With You) solution that has customized business solutions that is a combination of DIY products with our guidance and coaching so they can grow a lot faster. This solution works with a monthly fee because it is structured to teach and apply each level strategically every month so they can focus more and get more done.

The third option is a DFY ( Done For You) where we take the business and carry it to the next level marketing-wise while they only focus on their services and customers. This is also a monthly fee-based service.

If we just serve as a traditional agency then all the knowledge we have is limited to those who are able to afford to hire an agency. In reality, How do you break the vicious cycle of not having enough money to hire a marketing expert to grow your business and not having enough sales because you don’t really know how to properly do marketing? I want to help those who are not there yet but have the potential to grow. Each of our options is designed to take you to the next level with consistent growth without breaking the bank especially when the budget is tight due to not having enough sales.

Can you tell us about what’s worked well for you in terms of growing your clientele?

Overdelivering and providing value 10 times more than what they pay. People always appreciate it when you genuinely help them and deliver more than you promised. This is easier said than done but this has been and will be our growth strategy for as long as I serve my clients. It is the greatest win-win deal. If I help you grow your business a lot more than you expected, would you ever leave my services?

Most agencies I worked with in the past neglected my company because they were busy chasing new customers to keep adding new ones, but like me most of their existing customers left because they didn’t even deliver a fraction of what they promised. That is not a good CRR strategy if you ask me.

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