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Instagram Ads For Newbies


Instagram Ads have become the first thing that comes to mind for businesses when it comes to getting the word out about their products/services and their brand. There are several reasons for this, one being that Instagram has the highest levels of engagement and is a platform that has been growing exponentially for a while now.

What do Instagram Ads look like?

Different types of Instagram Ads exist. However, one advantage these ads have is that they look very similar to regular posts. Of course, there will be an obligatory “Sponsored” label on it, but besides that they feel and look like normal posts. 

It is not possible to add external links with regular posts. But you can add direct links as well as a call to action button in Instagram Ads in order to persuade the viewer to visit and buy from you. There are different types of call to action buttons for different types of ads on the platform.

Creating Instagram Ads

Both Instagram and Facebook are owned by Meta, which means you get to use the Facebook Ad tools when setting up your Instagram Ads! These tools are very advanced and enable you to target a specific audience based on interests, location, demographics and much more. And this helps you satisfy a number of business goals with Instagram Ads, such as:

Your Reach

The “Reach” option enables your ad to be seen by the largest number of people possible in your target audience.

Brand Awareness

You can select the “Brand Awareness” option if you wish to increase the awareness of your brand. This option enables you to maximize the number of impressions for your Instagram Ads among your target audience.

App Installs

The “App Installs” option enables you to increase the number of installs of your app. If you have an app, select this option.


The “Engagement” option enables you to increase your engagement among your target audience. If you’d like more comments, shares and likes or you want your viewers to show up for a specific event, select this option.


The “Traffic” option enables you to  increase the number of click throughs to your online store or  website. Select this option if your goal is to increase this number. You may also want to use persuasive call to action buttons to achieve this.


The “Conversions” option enables you to increase the level of conversions on your website. Select this option if your objective is to increase this level.


The “Video” option enables you to increase the number of views to your videos. If you’d like to achieve this, this option might be your best choice. You can put out brand messages or showcase your products and services in these videos. If you do this the right way and your content is inspiring and creative, you will surely get great reach and high engagement levels among your target audience.

Identifying your Target Audience

After choosing your desired objective option, you can identify your target audience by selecting users based on their gender, interests, age, behaviors, location etc. Once you create an audience, you can save and use that audience for other Instagram ad campaigns.

We want to emphasize that this step is quite important. %80 of all Instagram users follow a business, so you want to make sure you get it right and that your ad message resonates with your chosen target audience.

Choosing the Right Type of Instagram Ads

Different types of Instagram Ads exist, including:

  • Video Ads
  • Image Ads
  • Boosted or Sponsored Ads (Extending the reach of an existing post)
  • Stories Ads
  • Carousel Ads (Multiple Image ads)

Choose the type of Instagram Ads that are most suitable for your target audience and business, then sit back and watch your business bloom!

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