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Image Enhancement for Instagram Ads


You must make your Instagram ads as appealing as possible. A well-designed ad will always appeal to Instagram users more than a bland one. Some tools that help you to design and edit images for your Instagram ads.

Image Enhancement Tools For Instagram Ads

We’ll go over a few different editing tools below, and don’t worry, you won’t need any graphic design or other abilities to utilize them. 

Because images will play a large role in your Instagram ads, it’s critical that they look great. To edit images, you don’t need to be a Photoshop master, and there’s no need to hire a designer to do it for you because the tools we’ll cover are simple to use and quite effective.


To encourage users to do the action you want, you should include text to your images. If you use the excellent software Quick, this is a breeze. There’s no need to struggle with Photoshop or any complicated photo editor to figure out how to add appealing text. 

With the Quick app, adding text to your photographs is a simple. Not only that, but changing the position of the text, the font type, the text size, and the color is also simple. You can utilize Quick’s free edition, which includes most of the functionality you’ll need. If you desire more advanced features, you can buy them within the app.

Instagram Layout

This free tool from Instagram allows you to make a collage out of various images. You can get the app for free if you have an Android or iOS device. This is great news because it means you’ll be able to show off a variety of products, such as in a collage. 

Instagram Layout offers a variety of various formats to choose from. It’s also incredibly simple to choose the many images you wish to include in your collage. Because it was designed by Instagram, the tool works perfectly fine with the platform.


With the Superimpose software, you can do some incredible changes with your images. You can extract the foreground image by separating it from the background and then recombining it with another image. 

If you wish to rearrange foreground images, you can use Superimpose to accomplish it. The tool can also be used to combine images. The program also has some excellent masking capabilities that are exciting to experiment with. The software will cost you $0.99 on both an Android and an iOS device.


There are some decent filters and other editing options built into Instagram, but if you want to go beyond that, you’ll need Afterlight. You may utilize Afterlight’s many different lighting effects and filters to really bring your photographs to life. 

For $0.99, you can buy the Afterlight app, which is definitely worth the money. The app is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and Android tablets. Afterlight includes 128 frames, 74 filters, 15 adjustment tools, 78 textures, and 15 preset cropping tools when purchased.

All these apps and tools are great compliment for Instagram ads. When you learn how to use these tools and apps, it will be really easy for you to create, edit and customize your Instagram ads

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