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How to Research Keywords to Create Hit SEO Blog Posts


Creating hit SEO blog posts is a 2-step process. Finding the right keywords that bring your website the maximum amount of traffic is the first step of it. The second step is to build an article around them. Do these two steps well, and your hit blog posts will be a huge success. 

Most people forget that the quality of your article also impacts SEO. Google examines your blog’s keyword density and other clues in order to understand what your website is about. After this, it examines key factors such as the bounce rate to decide whether to keep your article at the top of the SERPs. And also to decide whether it should prioritize other articles that you post.

So, How Exactly Do You Write Hit SEO Blog Posts?

First step: Find the keyword. There are plenty of tools around that will help you find high volume search terms, but what matters is to choose the right ones. Which means:

  • You should find the keywords that will continue their popularity and have the potential to keep growing
  • You should find the keywords that have a high volume of searches
  • You should find the keywords that match your intent (Ask yourself: Does your blog deliver the answer to the question that the user is asking?)
  • You should write about what you know well
  • You should find the keywords that aren’t too popular, they should not have too much competition to go up against.

As you can see, there is much more to writing hit SEO blog posts than simply finding terms with a high-volume of searches.

You will struggle to come up with something original and the answer the reader is looking for if you choose the most popular keywords. Trust us, there are MILLIONS of articles on how to get abs, how to get women, how to make money online, or how to become rich. 

Instead of such widely talked about topics, you should go for a smaller niche. This will get you on top of that niche, and will allow you to say something interesting and new that will be of benefit to your audience while you rank high in the searches.

One piece of advice that no one should give and yet you hear so often is to find a way to fit your keyword into what you are writing about. For instance, if your chosen topic is on setting up Android Studio, which is a tool used to make apps, you might be advised to use “how to make apps” as your keyword instead, since it ranks higher in popularity than “how to set up android studio”. However, you won’t be satisfying the intent of the visitor with the content you provide if you do this. They just won’t stay on your page.

Choose the right keyword for your topic instead. Go for nicher terms. Your goal should be to focus on making a narrow and deep impact, rather than a broad surface appeal. This is the recipe for hit SEO blog posts.

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