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How to Make a Content Plan for Your Company 


Every business owner should have a content plan in place. This is essentially a plan or strategy for the type of content you’ll develop and the approximate sequence in which you’ll post it. 

Writing as much content as possible for your website may help you gain some traction on Google, but it won’t have the optimal impact in terms of brand authority and awareness. 

So, what constitutes a good content plan, and how do you create one for your own website?

Begin by creating a buyer persona

Starting with your buyer persona is a good place to start. The following is a made-up biography of your ideal guest. You should learn everything you can about the people who read your content, along with their likes and dislikes, interests, and the types of information they appreciate. 

You should also have a brand mission statement and a vision of the type of person you want to attract to. 

In other words, what is the purpose of your website and who is it intended for? What will you do with your content to express this?

Another suggestion is to think outside of the box you’ve just created for yourself. Once you’ve figured out who your material is most likely to appeal to, you can start thinking about who else it might appeal to. 

If you have a fitness brand, for example, it might also appeal to martial artists or the paleo community. How can you make content that appeals to those other demographics?

Different Types of Content

Another thing to keep in mind for content plan is that there are numerous forms of content, each of which has significant value for your company. 

Here are a couple of examples: 

·      News: By publishing news stories, you provide visitors who are interested in your topic a cause to return to your site on a regular basis. It will be easier for you to acquire exposure for your new postings, and your work may even be promoted by Google. 

·      Evergreen content: The disadvantage of news articles is that they quickly become obsolete and ineffective. Evergreen content is created deliberately to avoid this. These articles are meant to be relevant for months or even years after they’ve been published.

·      Interviews: The fans of the person you’re interviewing will find these posts interesting and valuable!

There are many more examples, but the point is that by combining various sorts of content plan, you can attract a wide range of visitors.

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