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Here’s How You Can Grow Your YouTube Channel in Just 3 Easy Steps


YouTube is one of those platforms where if you reach success, it has the potential to grow your business exponentially. And yet, when it comes to online success, it is one of the most under-utilized platforms out there. In this article we have discussed 3 steps that will help you grow your YouTube channel so that you can grow your business with it!

Okay, but why YouTube?

Well, YouTube has a huge advantage compared to other platforms: It is still offering relatively little competition. Of course, there are millions of videos on the website. However, it is still MUCH easier to rank at the top for a given keyword than it is on Google searches.

And there’s more. YouTube also gives you the ability to communicate with your audience in a far more memorable and emotive way. With a video, not only can you convey your personality better, but you also have the ability of evoking certain feelings and emotions through sound and imagery. You wouldn’t believe how much this can translate to sales and brand loyalty.

So, How Do You Grow on YouTube?

There are 3 things you should take into account if you want to grow your YouTube channel. 

Create Awesome Thumbnails

You can have the most amazing content in the world, but if you don’t create an amazing thumbnail to go with it, you won’t get many clicks on YouTube. When people get suggested your videos, you want to make sure they wonder what it is about and click on it.

A good thumbnail should stand out from the rest. A consistent style sets your brand apart. Creating an emotional response in the viewer is also very important. You should inspire people, tell a story, be intriguing!

Consistency Is Very Important

YouTube on its own can be a huge source of income. And for many, that is the dream. Unfortunately though, getting to that point is a real challenge and most people give up after a couple of months.

It can take a long time and effort before you see any promising results, but once it reaches maximum velocity, it gains momentum and becomes unstoppable. 

You WILL make lots of videos that barely get any views. But trust the process and keep going!

Follow the Trends

This is a great strategy that will grow your audience relatively quickly. Follow the YouTube community and respond to trends!

One way of doing this is to make a “response” video that back-up or critique what someone trending has said. By doing this, you can gain exposure to their audience and introduce yourself to those circles.

You should be careful doing this though, because people can tell if you are doing it simply to get noticed. This will make you unpopular and impact your channel’s growth. 

Doing these tips well will grow your YouTube channel, just trust the process and don’t give up!

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