Website Traffic and Growth Hacks

Website traffic is the rocket fuel that takes any business to new heights. You can only improve brand awareness, drive more sales, and eventually achieve exponential growth if you generate a big amount of highly relevant website traffic.

What is the issue? 

Many of us have no notion how to grow website traffic successfully. There are a lot of businesses out there that invest a lot of time and money to try to develop their audience, but they don’t see any results. It could take months, if not years, to see a significant return on your investment. 

And time is something that many firms just do not have.

So, how can you grow website traffic when you need to see results right away? The good news is that there are a variety of tactics that are really effective. These are known as “Growth Hacks,” because they allow a site owner or business to “leapfrog” the typical sluggish evolution and get straight to the top. 

Top 5 Website Traffic Growth Hacks 

Write a Guest Post

Guest posts aren’t new, but there are different types of guest posts. Have a guest post on one of the most popular sites in your niche, and you’ll get a huge boost in “link juice” that might push your site to the top of Google. Not only that, but it might be able to assist you acquire a lot of direct traffic from the blog’s fans! 

Obtain media attention 

If you can get a story about you published in the paper, a major magazine, or even a major website, you will gain a lot of exposure. The trick is to do something intriguing enough to generate a story – something that readers of a certain newspaper would be interested in reading.

Have a Hit That Goes Viral 

Videos aren’t the only thing that goes viral! If an article is truly worth spreading, it can also become viral. 

Write a Book 

Writing a book is a much less-discussed approach for boosting your exposure, status, and authority. This can result in massive quantities of traffic going straight to your site, as it did for Tim Ferriss.

Advertising Campaign

Advertising campaigns are one of the methods of growth hack to increase website traffic. Look no further than Tai Lopez for an example of a well-executed advertising campaign. He may not be well-known, but he went from being a nobody to one of the most well-known figures on the internet in a matter of hours.

These 5 growth hacks will help you to increase your website traffic, if you implement them correctly. 

One Secret Method for Increasing Website Traffic 

Want to increase website traffic immediately? 

Do you want to attract visitors who will stick around after they leave? That will become devoted consumers and fans as you grow? 

Yes, we believe so. 

There are a variety of marketing tactics you may employ to increase website traffic, but not all of them are created equal. Here’s one that has a significant influence but is currently underutilized by the great majority of creators.

Video Ads

You’re going to use video advertisements, which is a basic trick. You can do it in one of two places: 

·      YouTube 

·      Instagram 

Before you employ this method, We strongly suggest that your site is already monetized. You must accept the fact that this will cost you money. This can be a very profitable endeavor if you have a high conversion rate. 

However, making quick money isn’t the main goal (though it’s a good bonus!). 

Instead, the main goal is to increase website traffic as well as to raise the brand’s visibility and awareness.

Take a look at a creator like Tai Lopez for the best example of how this can work. Tai spent a lot of money to get his videos in front of a lot of other YouTube videos. The video was a little ridiculous — the sentence “here in my garage” has been memed a million times – but the purpose was that it got people talking. Tai Lopez was well-known. 

For better or worse, he is now regarded as one of the most influential “marketing gurus”! 

You can accomplish the same thing. All you need is your own video campaign to accomplish this. The main distinction is that you’ll concentrate on the “value proposition” as well as high-quality video editing.

Watch Tim Ferriss’ trailer for his book “The Four Hour Chef” for an example. This trailer is styled after a movie trailer and features footage of individuals performing remarkable things (despite the name, the book is about learning any skill quickly). 

The video is incredibly encouraging, inspiring, and eye-catching. 

Consider what would happen if you had a film like that and advertised it in the same way that Tai Lopez did. For a small investment, you may instantly increase your visibility and increase website traffic.

Marketing Trends You Need to Know in 2023

The explosive growth of digital platforms has given rise to new tactics for expanding your online presence so you need to keep up with the new marketing trends.

It’s challenging to keep up with the latest marketing trends in social media because it’s continuously changing. People who established marketing plans for the year 2021 had to account for a lot of changes. Industry specialists assisted a number of influencers and businesses in developing engagement and growth plans. A strategy must be focused on long-term objectives and separated into short-term targets.

So, what marketing trends can we expect to see through 2023?

Video Marketing

Video marketing will continue to grow at an incredible rate in 2023. One of the most widely used content marketing trends and techniques for organizations is video marketing. 59 percent of marketers indicated they employed video marketing last year. That trend isn’t going to stop anytime soon. The following are some of the advantages of videos:

  • A longer useful life span
  • It’s well-known and attracts a lot of attention.
  • Strongly persuasion

There are many different types of marketing videos, including those that are intended to entertain, sell, or inform. Each sort of video you use in your marketing campaign has its own set of advantages for your company. A fun video can be a great way to introduce your brand, while a video designed to sell a product or service can focus on the benefits of a certain product or service.

Short-form video is a rapidly developing segment of video marketing. This style of video has become increasingly popular on social media platforms such as Tik Tok. Short-term videos are usually designed to be amusing and catchy, with a runtime of roughly fifteen seconds.

Increasing SEO Efficiency

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it’s one of the most significant aspects of your company’s growth. The amount of traffic your company website receives is determined on the quality of its SEO.

Consider it this way: your SEO determines your internet traffic market share for specific keywords. In a given month, there may be 3,000 searches for “roofing firms”. A higher percentage of those searches will lead potential clients to your website if you are a roofing company with a good website and a lot of material targeting that topic.

Knowing what your potential customers are looking for when they need your product or service is critical. The keys to generating much-needed web traffic for your organization are thorough research and well-crafted web content. Make it your this year’s resolution to take control of your company’s SEO.


When given the option, a consumer chooses a product with which they have a relationship. In this game, ads and campaigns that evoke a specific feeling or attract consumers to the material are more likely to succeed.

Deepfakes is one of the most recent technologies that enables sophisticated personalisation. It generates visual and audio material that may be used for marketing using machine learning and artificial intelligence. Even though it is notorious for its abuse, with the correct techniques, this technology may achieve miracles.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has existed for quite some time. For a long time, TV and radio stars have been recommending items and businesses. Influencer marketing, on the other hand, has become much more accessible to many firms in recent years. This is due to the fact that there are more of them, thanks in large part to social media. Companies will continue to rely on influencers of all kinds to raise brand awareness.

Local influencers and personalities are typically a better choice for small businesses than internet celebrities with a global reach. If you own a local beauty salon, you won’t need to seek out potential consumers in different countries because you won’t be able to serve them. Instead, local influencers, such as radio personalities, should be used.


Businesses will continue to use blogs to promote themselves this year. Blogging is an effective method for increasing brand awareness and improving SEO rankings. In addition, blogs are still one of the marketing trends that are being used to engage with people in 2023. It’s impossible to say how many people read blogs, although it’s estimated that about 77 percent of internet users do so. According to studies, having a blog into your website can increase traffic by 434 percent. That’s a lot of traffic for your website!

Instagram Story Ads: A Summary Guide

Instagram Story Ads were introduced back in March, 2019. This feature caused a lot of excitement among marketers and advertisers as the format is very immersive with big potentials. Since then, around 50% of brands on Instagram have made story posts and time spent on Instagram rose to 28 minutes immediately after the introduction of the feature.

Okay, but what are Story Ads?

Stories are available to every Instagram user at the top of their feed. An Instagram Story Ad will display inside these stories. You will usually encounter them when you are transitioning from one story to another. These Story Ads  work well and are accepted by the community since it is hard to distinguish from regular stories.

You will always see the word “Sponsored” on Instagram Story Ads,  as with any other sponsored content on the platform. Both video story ads and image story ads are displayed full screen to an Instagram user. Considering the fact that around five hundred million Instagram users look at Instagram stories every single day, it is an incredible marketing opportunity for businesses.

Limited time offers work better with Story Ads because all stories disappear from the website after 24 hours. Here is the complete list of call to action buttons for your Story Ads:

  1. Download
  2. Contact us
  3. Book now
  4. Apply now
  5. Call now

When you make your Instagram story ads, you can either create a target audience or use a previously saved one. You can also specify how often you want your audience to see your Story Ads. You can enhance these Story Ads with filters, texts and video effects for a truly appealing and convincing ad experience.

Instagram Story Ads (Image)

If you choose to go with an Instagram Story Image Ad, here are the things you should know. You can add up to 6 images and a swipe up facility to guide your viewers to your destination website. The ad’s duration will be 5 seconds.

These are the important specifications you should meet for your Instagram Story Ads (Images):

  • 1080*1920 pixels is the recommended resolution for your image ad.
  • You should have a minimum of 600*1067 pixels resolution.
  • 9:16 is the correct aspect ratio.
  • 30 MB is the maximum image size per image.
  • You can either use PNG or JPG.

There is also a limit on the amount of text you can overlay on your images for the Story Ads. So be careful about this. If you go too far, Instagram won’t accept your ad.

Instagram Story Ads (Video)

When users browse through stories, nothing captures their attention more than a video. One thing you should keep in mind though is that when people view stories, their sound is usually turned off completely. So it is advisable that you deliver the advertising message of your Story Ads without any sound. The ad’s duration will be 15 seconds.

When people are browsing through stories nothing captures their attention more than a video. One thing to bear in mind though is that when users are viewing stories they don’t usually turn on the sound. So you need to be able to deliver your advertising message with a Stories Video Ad with or without sound. The video length is 15 seconds.

These are the important specifications you should meet for your Instagram Story Ads (Videos):

  • 1080*1920 pixels is the recommended resolution for your video ad.
  • You should have a minimum resolution of 720p videos for your Story Ads.
  • 9:16 is the correct aspect ratio.
  • 4GB is the maximum video size you can have on your ad.
  • You can either use MOV or MP4 movie formats.

Now you know the most important tips for successful Instagram Story Ads! Use them whenever you need, and watch your business grow!

Instagram Guide: Instagram Ad Mistakes No One Should Be Making

Instagram is now a great way for businesses to find new customers and leads. The platform has been on a big growth spree for a while. Instagram Ads are also a great way to reach your target audience and the best option around to do so. However, many people make the mistakes we are about to highlight in this Instagram guide, so that you may avoid them.

Instagram Guide Tip #1: You Need to Align your Ads with Your Business Objectives

There are many people who use Instagram Ads and do not align their advertising with their business objectives. You can create the coolest Instagram ad if you like, but if there is no alignment with the business you own and its objectives, unfortunately it’s all a waste of time.

Ponder how your ads can align with your objectives. Would you like to increase your brand awareness? Would you like to increase the number of followers you have on Instagram? Or would you like to drive more traffic to your website so that you can generate email marketing leads?

It is not too difficult to find the right answer, and it is necessary. Take your time and think about what you really want to achieve with your business and Instagram Ads. If you are struggling, this Instagram guide is here to help you. You can ask yourself these questions to find out:

  • What results would you like to achieve with your Instagram Ads?
  • Do you wish to have more customers or for your existing customers to purchase from you again?
  • Would you like to increase your website traffic?

Instagram Guide Tip #2: You Need to Target the Right Audience For Your Business

It is easy to identify your target audience with Instagram Ads. However, doing this properly requires you to know your target audience really well and understand what they might be looking for. Many people don’t spend the necessary time to figure this out and end up targeting the wrong audience.

Take a look at the products or services you offer. Then ask yourself these questions to identify the right audience for your business:

  • What are the needs your services or products meet?
  • Who is more likely to benefit the most from your products or services?
  • What pain points do you alleviate with your products or services?
  • What problems do you solve with your products or services?

Another thing you can do is to examine your competitors. What are they doing? Who are they targeting? What are their customers like?

And when it comes to your own customer base, you need to know the demographics including:

  1. Their Gender
  2. Their Location
  3. Their Education Level
  4. Their Age Range
  5. Their Interests
  6. Their Income

Instagram Guide Tip #3: You Need to Get the Ad Content Right

It is still possible to make mistakes with the content of your ads even if you know your audience really well, and lots of advertisers do this. The goal should be to connect with your target audience when you are creating content for your Instagram Ads.

Your content should reflect your products or services accurately. It should also reflect your brand positioning. Do not hype your content and make it only sales orientated. The goal should be to provide value and inspiration to your audience.

You also need captions that will persuade your audience. Make sure that your captions reflect the images in your Instagram ads. Create a compelling call to action and be sure to use the right hashtags.

Instagram Guide Tip #4: You Need to Pay Attention to the Quality of Your Videos and Images You Use For Your Ads

Instagram is all about the visuals. Good advertisers know that Instagram is a visual platform, but still many of them do not pay attention to the quality of their videos and images. There are many tools around to make your visuals amazing, so there is no excuse for this behavior.

You should pay special attention to the lightning in your videos and images. And if they are not the best, there are apps available that let you adjust them. Provide different perspectives to make your videos interesting. Consider the background and what’s in it.

We hope our Instagram guide has been helpful to you. Comment down below if you have any other tips and let us discuss!

Instagram Carousel Ads: A Summary Guide

Carousel Ads were another new feature introduced by Instagram back in 2019. It enables the user to swipe through a number of images/videos like regular carousels, and then there is a call to action button which you can link your website to.

You can do many interesting things with Instagram Carousel Ads. For instance, if you have a couple of products you want to showcase, carousel ads will be ideal for you to use!

How about sharing a story in multiple parts? Or perhaps you want your visitors to take a deep dive into one of your services or products? You can also use carousel ads for these! 

Facebook introduced the carousel ads feature some time ago. Since it is a visual medium, it works very well with the platform. If you want to benefit from carousel ads, you should think carefully about your audience. Showing a carousel of the different products you have to a user is surely likely to have a very positive effect if that user has never seen your products before.

Okay, but what are Carousel Ads?

It is easy to spot Instagram Carousel Ads as there are dots at the bottom of the post that are there to persuade users to scroll through the carousel. Using Carousel Ads to take users on a journey through your business is a great way to attract potential customers to your website. It is also a great way to enhance the connection between the user and your brand.

In the world of social media, it is usual that users go through content at an incredibly fast pace. With carousel ads, you convince the users to keep looking at the content you’re offering for longer periods of time. You can have Carousel Ads both in image and video form.

Use these calls to action to add to your Instagram Carousel Ads:

  • Download
  • Book now
  • Call now
  • Contact us
  • Apply now

Instagram Carousel Ads (Image form)

You can add multiple images to create Carousel Image Ads. When you create the ad the

images will be automatically linked together, and the Instagram user will be able to scroll through these images using the dots below.

These are the important specifications you should meet for your Instagram Carousel Ads (Images):

  • 1080*1080 pixels is the recommended resolution for your carousel ads (image).
  • You can have between 2 and 10 images on your ad.
  • 1:1 is the correct aspect ratio.
  • 30 MB is the maximum image size you can have on your ad.
  • You can either use PNG or JPG as image formats.

Instagram Carousel Ads (Video form)

You can add 10 videos at most to your Instagram Carousel Ads (Videos). Be careful when

you are creating your short videos to ensure that you have the correct balance of content that makes sense so that you do not overwhelm the users that view your Carousel Ads.

These are the important specifications you should meet for your Instagram Carousel Ads (Videos):

  • 600*600 pixels is the minimum resolution for your carousel ads (videos).
  • 1080*1080 pixels is the maximum resolution for your carousel ads (videos).
  • You cannot have videos that are longer than 60 seconds in your carousel ads.
  • 1:1 is the correct aspect ratio.
  • 4 GB is the file size limit per video.
  • MP4 is the recommended file format for your videos in your carousel ads.
  • You can have between 2 and 10 videos on your ad.

Instagram Analytics

Do you have a good understanding of what’s going on with your Instagram account? We’re not just talking about Instagram Ads here; we’re talking about your entire marketing strategy on the platform. The good news is that Instagram Analytics can teach you a lot about how your business is performing. 

How to Get the Most Out of Instagram Analytics 

Many businesses that use Instagram are unaware of what is happening with their accounts. You need to know how many people are seeing your Instagram ads, as well as how well your stories and regular posts are performing by using Instagram Analytics.

Issues that you may encounter with your Instagram account 

If you’re running your Instagram account blindly and don’t know what’s going on, you could be facing dozens of new problems that you could address. One of the most serious problems you might encounter is targeting the wrong audience. If you target the wrong people with your Instagram ads, you won’t get the best results. 

What’s your posting frequency like? Are you making too many or too few posts? Are your Instagram ads bringing the right people to your website? Are you using this ad enough to get more good traffic if the ad is driving the right kind of visitors from Instagram?

Engagement is key to getting the most out of your Instagram ads and traditional posts. So, do you know how well you’re doing in terms of engagement? You need to know how many people have liked, shared, and commented on your posts. 

When using an Instagram account for marketing, there are a few more things to keep in mind. Examining your Instagram metrics will reveal what is working and what isn’t, allowing you to take appropriate action.

Check These Important Areas With Instagram Analytics 

If you’re new to Instagram Analytics, the amount of data available to you can be overwhelming. So, to assist you, we’ve identified the most important areas on which you should focus at the very least. 

Audience Research 

You’ll never get the results you want if you don’t get your target audience right. Instagram Analytics can provide a wealth of information about your target audience. Here’s what we think you should look at:

·      The best locations – these are the top five places where your followers live. 

·      Age ranges – who are your followers, and what are their ages? Within Instagram Analytics, age groups are divided into 13 to 17, 18 to 24, 25 to 34, 35 to 44, 45 to 54, 55 to 64, and 65 and up. 

·      Gender – In this you can see how many male and female followers you have. 

·      Follower hours – this shows you the average time of day your followers log in. Follower days – this shows you the days of the week your followers are active.


The following is information about your posts: 

·      Interactions – what did users do, such as look at your profile or go to your website? 

Is your content being discovered by users using the Discovery feature? 

·      Followers – the number of new followers gained as a result of a post. 

·      The number of unique users who saw the post. 

·      Views on your posts – impressions 

·      How many comments have been left on your posts? 

Analyses of Stories 

You can use Analytics to track the performance of your stories: 

·      Impressions – the number of views on your stories 

·      Reach – the number of people who saw your stories for the first time. 

·      Exits – the number of times your stories have been exited. 

·      Replies – the number of people who have responded to one of your stories.

Overall, Instagram analytics are how you can figure out how well your posts and account are performing. One of the best ways to identify failures and successes on your Instagram account is to look at your analytics. You can get useful feedback to help you improve your social media strategy by carefully reviewing the analytics that we mentioned.

Instagram Ads For Newbies

Instagram Ads have become the first thing that comes to mind for businesses when it comes to getting the word out about their products/services and their brand. There are several reasons for this, one being that Instagram has the highest levels of engagement and is a platform that has been growing exponentially for a while now.

What do Instagram Ads look like?

Different types of Instagram Ads exist. However, one advantage these ads have is that they look very similar to regular posts. Of course, there will be an obligatory “Sponsored” label on it, but besides that they feel and look like normal posts. 

It is not possible to add external links with regular posts. But you can add direct links as well as a call to action button in Instagram Ads in order to persuade the viewer to visit and buy from you. There are different types of call to action buttons for different types of ads on the platform.

Creating Instagram Ads

Both Instagram and Facebook are owned by Meta, which means you get to use the Facebook Ad tools when setting up your Instagram Ads! These tools are very advanced and enable you to target a specific audience based on interests, location, demographics and much more. And this helps you satisfy a number of business goals with Instagram Ads, such as:

Your Reach

The “Reach” option enables your ad to be seen by the largest number of people possible in your target audience.

Brand Awareness

You can select the “Brand Awareness” option if you wish to increase the awareness of your brand. This option enables you to maximize the number of impressions for your Instagram Ads among your target audience.

App Installs

The “App Installs” option enables you to increase the number of installs of your app. If you have an app, select this option.


The “Engagement” option enables you to increase your engagement among your target audience. If you’d like more comments, shares and likes or you want your viewers to show up for a specific event, select this option.


The “Traffic” option enables you to  increase the number of click throughs to your online store or  website. Select this option if your goal is to increase this number. You may also want to use persuasive call to action buttons to achieve this.


The “Conversions” option enables you to increase the level of conversions on your website. Select this option if your objective is to increase this level.


The “Video” option enables you to increase the number of views to your videos. If you’d like to achieve this, this option might be your best choice. You can put out brand messages or showcase your products and services in these videos. If you do this the right way and your content is inspiring and creative, you will surely get great reach and high engagement levels among your target audience.

Identifying your Target Audience

After choosing your desired objective option, you can identify your target audience by selecting users based on their gender, interests, age, behaviors, location etc. Once you create an audience, you can save and use that audience for other Instagram ad campaigns.

We want to emphasize that this step is quite important. %80 of all Instagram users follow a business, so you want to make sure you get it right and that your ad message resonates with your chosen target audience.

Choosing the Right Type of Instagram Ads

Different types of Instagram Ads exist, including:

  • Video Ads
  • Image Ads
  • Boosted or Sponsored Ads (Extending the reach of an existing post)
  • Stories Ads
  • Carousel Ads (Multiple Image ads)

Choose the type of Instagram Ads that are most suitable for your target audience and business, then sit back and watch your business bloom!

Instagram Ads

Businesses can pay to have their posts served to Instagram users through Instagram ads. Instagram ads appear in users’ feeds, Stories, Explore, and other areas of the app, similar to Facebook ads. They appear to be normal postings or stories, but they always have a “sponsored” label to highlight that they are advertisements.

Types of Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads are becoming increasingly popular. Instagram is not only the most popular social media network, but it also has the highest degree of engagement. Instagram has made it easy for businesses by providing a variety of ad types:

Instagram Photo Ads

The most prevalent sort of Instagram ads is a photo ad. This is unsurprising given that the most popular activity on the network is exchanging photos and images. Photo advertising are being used by a variety of businesses to promote their brands, products and services, forthcoming launches and events, and much more.

When using a photo ad, the image must be relevant to the product or service being promoted. To urge users to do the action you want, you can add an intriguing caption to your photo. You can enhance the reach of your ad by including the proper hashtags in the caption. For their campaigns, many large and small firms employ a lot of photo ads.

Post Boosting or Sponsored Ads

If you have a business account on Instagram, you can enhance posts you’ve already published to increase their reach. Boosted advertising will display in their target audience’s home feed and can include a direct website link, an online store, or a link to the user’s profile page. 

Sponsored Instagram ads are used by some businesses to promote prizes and contests. They do this to boost the number of people who responded to the initial post. This can also be highly effective in terms of improving levels of engagement.

Instagram Ads in Stories 

Instagram stories are incredibly popular, with roughly 80% of active users posting a story at least twice a week. Stories, which are popular among Instagram users, can help you create a lot of traffic. 

When you build a story ad, it will often appear when an Instagram user switches from one story to the next. From a story ad or a link to your profile, you can create a direct connection to your website. Stories will only be visible for a few seconds before disappearing. Yet, story ads are still a good type of Instagram ads

Video Ads on Instagram 

Video is a very popular form of media among social media users, and this is especially true on Instagram. Videos have a significantly higher view rate than other forms of media. You can publish a 30- to 60-second video ad, which can be full advertisements or teasers.

Video ads will almost certainly bring you a lot of success if you make the correct kind of videos. With the perfect video ad, you can obtain some high viewing numbers and include direct links and a call to action in the caption. 

Carousel Ads on Instagram 

A carousel ad is the best option if you want to show off a variety of products in your ad. Instagram users are used to scrolling through a carousel of photographs, which normally results in increased engagement. 

You can include an engaging caption with a call to action and a direct link back to your website, store, or profile, just like you do with other types of ads. When you want to spread the news about a variety of your products, use carousels as Instagram ads.

Image Enhancement for Instagram Ads

You must make your Instagram ads as appealing as possible. A well-designed ad will always appeal to Instagram users more than a bland one. Some tools that help you to design and edit images for your Instagram ads.

Image Enhancement Tools For Instagram Ads

We’ll go over a few different editing tools below, and don’t worry, you won’t need any graphic design or other abilities to utilize them. 

Because images will play a large role in your Instagram ads, it’s critical that they look great. To edit images, you don’t need to be a Photoshop master, and there’s no need to hire a designer to do it for you because the tools we’ll cover are simple to use and quite effective.


To encourage users to do the action you want, you should include text to your images. If you use the excellent software Quick, this is a breeze. There’s no need to struggle with Photoshop or any complicated photo editor to figure out how to add appealing text. 

With the Quick app, adding text to your photographs is a simple. Not only that, but changing the position of the text, the font type, the text size, and the color is also simple. You can utilize Quick’s free edition, which includes most of the functionality you’ll need. If you desire more advanced features, you can buy them within the app.

Instagram Layout

This free tool from Instagram allows you to make a collage out of various images. You can get the app for free if you have an Android or iOS device. This is great news because it means you’ll be able to show off a variety of products, such as in a collage. 

Instagram Layout offers a variety of various formats to choose from. It’s also incredibly simple to choose the many images you wish to include in your collage. Because it was designed by Instagram, the tool works perfectly fine with the platform.


With the Superimpose software, you can do some incredible changes with your images. You can extract the foreground image by separating it from the background and then recombining it with another image. 

If you wish to rearrange foreground images, you can use Superimpose to accomplish it. The tool can also be used to combine images. The program also has some excellent masking capabilities that are exciting to experiment with. The software will cost you $0.99 on both an Android and an iOS device.


There are some decent filters and other editing options built into Instagram, but if you want to go beyond that, you’ll need Afterlight. You may utilize Afterlight’s many different lighting effects and filters to really bring your photographs to life. 

For $0.99, you can buy the Afterlight app, which is definitely worth the money. The app is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and Android tablets. Afterlight includes 128 frames, 74 filters, 15 adjustment tools, 78 textures, and 15 preset cropping tools when purchased.

All these apps and tools are great compliment for Instagram ads. When you learn how to use these tools and apps, it will be really easy for you to create, edit and customize your Instagram ads