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A Guide to Achieving Success on a Platform and Boosting Another


Something we do not see enough in the realm of internet marketing is synergy between accounts and their platforms. There are a shocking number of creators and influencers on the internet who are achieving success, incredible fame and renown on just a single platform. One should never allow this to be the case.

Let’s assume you have an Instagram account with a million followers, but only 3k subscribers on YouTube. Or perhaps you have a hugely popular TikTok account, but no one is reading your blogs. In any of these situations, you need to find a way of achieving success on one platform, to boost the others. You have to direct a large portion of your followers to your other accounts on other platforms.

And there are a variety of ways you can achieve this.

How to Boost Your Other Accounts After Success on another Platform

Content that comes in two or more parts is an excellent way to achieve this. For instance, you might write a training program on how to build muscle and lose weight. You could talk about your program on Twitter (where you have 2 million followers) and then you can share the actual program on Instagram as a carousel post!

With this simple trick, you will be able to direct thousands of people to your other account, thereby helping you grow your audience on that platform! You can do the same thing for your website.

Exposing your audience to your accounts on other platforms is another simple option you can try. For instance, you can include your social media accounts as clickable buttons on your website’s page where a lot of people visit. In this way, your audience will be aware of your accounts and follow/view them if they wish to do so. You can even include a feed that shows your social media activity on your website’s sidebar!

Boosting your other social media accounts is really important. Achieving growth on more than one platform will create many pathways and opportunities for your brand. Once your YouTube channel becomes successful, it will be recommended to more people, this is how the algorithm works. With this snowball effect, more and more people will interact with your brand.

This same algorithm also works on Google and Instagram! So if you are successful in all these platforms, you will be gaining additional exposure and interacting from all three of them! And this will double once people start liking and sharing your content on Twitter and Facebook. It will enable their friends to see you!

Having a strong presence on multiple platforms means you won’t depend on a single tool for your sırvival and livelihood. Ask yourself, if Twitter deleted your account the next day, how would you and your business survive? It couldn’t. This is why achieving success in multiple platforms matters. Try our tips and see for yourself!

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